Certified Practitioners

Kolo Informed Practices

The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration certification program awards lay-practitioners and Train the Trainer programs for extremely sensitive situations to achieve and maintain a dynamic equilibrium and capacity to self-organize a state of being essential in the aftermath of disasters and crisis. The Kolo protocol is cross-cultural, engendered and diverse generating complex patterns of response to the myriad of physiological events and psychological impacts found in crisis situations. Trauma is an embodied psycho-biological process, therefore the kolo trauma treatment and training for self-sustainability is easily integrated across cultures.

Through a methodology informed, intensified and inspired by eighteen years of Kolo Trauma Response internationally The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration has now certified dozens of Kolo lay-practitioners internationally and nationally to apply practice in everyday challenges due to transgenerational trauma or to present-moment catastrophic horizon events.

The Kolo lay-practitioners have completed the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training format applied internationally since 1999. The Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training continues in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Novi Travnik, Sri Lanka, Africa and Haiti.   A online Practitioner Program for certification with online coursework followed by Apprenticeship program in Bosnia, or another region to apply format training on the ground was developed due to the powerful demand for intensified learning applications about the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training format.

Sumejja Kolo

Female Social Collective of Humanity, War Survivors

The Bosnian women, called ‘Sumejja Kolo,’ have been in the Kolo program since March 1999 with ten of them certified kolo advisors.

Learn more from the women of the Sumejja Kolo in Bosnia.

Support the Sumejja Kolo women by purchasing works from the Kolo Market and by making gifts and donations to The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration.

 Kolo Lay-Practitioners

The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration Trauma Treatment and Training Internationally

The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration Trauma Treatment and Training has responded to Sri Lanka’s over two decades old war and Tsunami in 2004. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Kolo: WCCC instituted an annual gathering and certified 22 Kolo lay-practitioners in the past decade.

In Uganda, north of Lira Town, the Kolo Trauma Treatment facilitated a program with the Kolo Trauma Treatment format as its foundational resource. Across Africa in Chad, Congo DRC and Sudan are among the global inter-related sites that experienced the Kolo Trauma Treatment and Training.

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