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Blood and Honey: The Secret Herstory of Women: South Slavic Women’s Experiences in a World of Modern-day Territorial Warfare

by Danica Anderson PhD

These first-person stories are raw, disembodied whisperings of the female holocaust, filled with symbols and icons that define trauma. A woman’s trauma is the wounding that cannot be forgotten, indelibly written upon her DNA and that of her children. The field of psychology recognizes herstory as a mode of representing and sharing intergenerational trauma and its psychological consequences, such as Post Traumatic Stress. Blood and Honey contains pages of storied instructions from the Bosnian women with whom I have worked since 1999. While the stories do not follow the typical masculine epic plot, the written pages are the women’s individual secrets, their herstories. They provide intimacy and a sudden knowing as opposed to understanding, an epiphany rather than a simple recognition of fact. What will be pages of tears at moments will become joy, and sometimes laughter, as we foray into herstories.

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Blood and Honey Icons: Biosemiotics and Bioculinary

by Danica Anderson PhD

Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary is a cookbook and trauma healing practice topanalysis of South Slavic women war crimes and war survivors. This book is about food in conflict, a culinary field that has been explored or written about. The book contains inscribed memories frames an original and experiential approach to understanding the healing wisdom inherent from food in conflict, domestic dwelling, agriculture, and husbandry. Blood & Honey Icons has taken thirteen years to publish. I sat with the Bosnian Muslim women war crimes and war survivors. I bore witness to their lives in their kitchens, in their homes and on their local streets where they live. All of my bearing witness, constant journeys to Bosnia are learning environments. As an author and a world traveling forensic psychotherapist, I have worked with war crimes and war survivors on behalf of the International Criminal Court and the United Nations — presenting an exciting synthesis, the culmination of my decades of field experience.

This eBook is based on the gorgeous full-color edition, rich with original artwork by Connie Simpson and Erin Hilleary. Several books in one, Blood & Honey Icons: Biosemiotics & Bioculinary explores the distinct yet interrelated explorations of South Slavic culinary practices that will appeal from a variety of angles.

Included are recipes, cultural stories, folkloric references, and bioculinary pedagogy. A section is devoted to explaining the practice of coffee cup reading as a reflective and therapeutic practice. Throughout the book are images of the set of 26 Blood and Honey Icons card deck, designed to facilitate the tactile exploration and practice of working with archetypal symbols.

This eBook is provided in Adobe PDF format and thus enables the owner to print full color pages for purposes of sharing, teaching, and collaborative acts. This unabridged digital edition is 199 pages and includes references.

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