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Maternal Fright

Look at the faces of mothers- you will see Maternal Fright. Balkan War 1991-94

Maternal Fright and the epigenetics: how we live through the choices we make and daily life is influenced by the catastrophic violence women continue to face. My work with South Slavic women over a ten-year period investigated the devastating impacts of war […read more]

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Maternal Fright and South Slavic Oral Memory Traditions: Biosemiotics, Epigenetics, and Somatic Psychobiology Healing Practices

Abstract: The Slavic term “maternal fright” is carved from chronic wars and violence towards women and is a form of transgenerational trauma. The forgotten conflict, the Balkan War of 1991-95 in the former Yugoslav region, resulted in South Slavic female survivors in the aftermath of war utilizing extensive cultural practices including oral memory traditions […read more]

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Restoring Women to Cultural Memory

“Women are the Footnotes’ Footnote”- a must see video for all females – especially daughters.

The influential study conducted through vast materials highlighted the invisible sex and the relationship of a certain empowerment women are naturally endowed with to that of cultural memory.

This video was shared by Max Dashu, founder of Suppressed Histories Archives.

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Is there only silence for our daughters?

Is there only silence for our daughters?

Republish from 11-18-2007

In excavating motherhood, it is startling to realize how celebratory ancient matrifocal systems were, and that there was no lag time in responding to the needs of the female gender.

In “Old Europe” (7th to 3rd Millennia B.C.E.) Slavic peoples held reverence with Moist […read more]

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Tracing the Phenomenology of South Slavic Landscape and Body Movements inter- related to Laban Notation System

By Danica Anderson

The origins of the kolo, a South Slavic round dance or to be in a circle (Hubbs, 1993) are Mesolithic intangible heritage. Surviving exploitation as touristic […read more]

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