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The Kolo: WCCC Trauma Trainings Heal

The Kolo Self Trauma Care Protocol is a epigenetic methodology informed, intensified and inspired by twenty years of international trauma response and healing with women’s trauma survivors of domestic violence, conflict, crisis, war, genocide, disaster.


Intensified Learning trauma-informed and responsive training programs and modules with hands-on workshops and train-the-trainer programs, available in-house, on-site, and via online courses customizable for every need, including to:

  • Survivors on the Frontlines – adults and children
  • Education – students/teachers and administrators
  • Professionals – mental health, medical, judicial, and more.
  • Community and Nonprofit Organizations – advocacy, community, healing and aid work
  • Corporate Settings
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Collaborative Collectives

Intensified Learning and collaboration with the Kolo Self Trauma Care Protocol is an inclusive social engagement application in Collaborative Collectives. True advocacy and activism heals the individual – and especially, the social collective – of trauma and stems the intergenerational cycle of violence. We collaborate with women through:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Events
  • Online Community
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The Kolo: WCC conducts Research and provides Resources from Clinical Program Director, Dr. Danica Anderson scouring the latest news across interdisciplinary sciences and the social sciences on trauma, women’s trauma, intergenerational trauma including neuroscience, genomics and epigenetics, polyvagal theory, and more to evolve our knowledge and practice for.  Sign up for our mailing list and follow our FB page to stay updated. Our Research and Resources are created for:
  • Laypractitioners
  • Clinical and Professionals
  • Academics
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The Kolo: Women’s Cross-Cultural Collaboration provides trauma-informed care, training and response inspiring survivors to flourish and seize possibilities at their feet after traumatic events, halting the transgenerational cycle of effects by traumatization.

When we discover the instructional nature of trauma, we are evolving. Trauma is intensified learning.

Your Support Matters

Can’t attend a training right now? No problem. There are many ways to support The Kolo: WCCC in bringing critical healing trauma care and response to women and girls in a world of ever-increasing violence: inside our homes and communities.

When you donate to The Kolo: WCCC you are supporting women, families and communities on the front-lines of crisis and trauma heal.

Your donation helps us to:

Heal Women’s Trauma

Train-the-Trainer on the Frontlines

Research Intergenerational Trauma


Written accounts of critical trauma and trauma healing events and practices, sorted by theme.

Why Soldiers Rape By Helen Benedict, In These Times

Why Soldiers Rape  By Helen Benedict, In These Times Printed September 13, 2008 Editor's note: This article is adapted from "<http://www.helenbenedict.com/>The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq," to be published by Beacon Press in April 2009. An alarming number of women soldiers are being sexually abused by their comrades-in-arms, both at war and at home. This fact has received a fair amount of attention lately [...read more]

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