International Women’s Day 2020

How can we honor International Women’s Day with the Afghani women? I can say to the Bosnian, Serb, Croat women, ‘Ma sretna ti zena’, as well as to the Eastern European women.

How can we honor International Women’s Day to the Syrian, Iranian, Turkish, Arab and African women that will let them know I have worked […read more]

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UN PeaceKeepers Involved in Congo War Atrocities

Congolese woman walks in Benin. The mass rapes in Congo DRC continue unimpeded by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo

This 183-page report documents in detail the deliberate killing of more than 1,400 civilians between January and September 2009 during two successive Congolese army operations […read more]

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Syrian War

On October 4, 2012, after a Syrian bombing kills five women and children in a Turkish border town, has CNN interviewing former Nation ‘Supreme’ Commander, Wesley Clark, as their media an expert. Clark states that the killing of Turkish mother’s and children, “It happens…..civilian casualties.” Citing it is a part of a broader conflict and […read more]

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Her political activities define her radical nature

Wahu Kaara and Danica Anderson, Female Solidarity


Wahu Kaara, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee/Winner 2005, board member of the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration is a leading advocate for social justice in Kenya. She says: “African women are not dying for Africa anymore; they want to live for Africa.” She works for the Kenya Debt Relief Network […read more]

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